streetphotography in the country 3


streetphotography in the country 2

streetphotography in the country

he: she takes care of the food today. she: can you deliver in half an hour?

emancipation 2018

the weather today

knowing eachother, from school, seventy years ago

here, this is me as a child

in the agenda

at the fleamarket

when it smells fishy

how f*ckin’ hard can it be?

sand, no tiles anymore

white bull

the weather today

painted art

there is a party somewhere.. it must be plu-fest!

street music in brass

modelling session with mrs coffee-bean

raven, my name is raven

street dog

two years ago my girl asked about windowcleaning here and everybody asked about it knows it’s not their bussiness..

the unofficial city council is in session

with noise

painters paint top down

walking cool and collect, shades on and all

ice creams


today’s trafficjam

nijmegen, marikenstraat

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