line eight


at the seventh day.. it’s still party

another walking veteran

18 times four days marches

temptations at the end of the street

nijmegen, summer capital of holland

refugees welcome

the weather today

auto ‘thing’, a rare musical instrument

the last walkers

push the limits

frits again

folding bike

street dog

no cars allowed

it’s behind you paul

the most expensive toilet, a pee here will cost you 140 euro’s

the weather today

the railroadgame

the thing with busdrivers, two know more than one

the band is here

bicycle dog

hé, that’s frits, frits from the news

do not ask them about a certain commander in chief

four day marches, second day

the weather today

line eight

one for the road

no party without partyhats

t is for telephone

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