waiting for a bus


cycling the city

fire alarm means: grab a coat from a hanger and leave the building

after sixteen years education and ten years expierience you can stack stones

line eight

more toiletpaper.. that fourth wave is here

today’s drink

mom’s day off

love is: when her hat matches with his harcut

cycling the city

where rainpipe and electric powerbox meet

the weather today

plein ”44

line eight

with sparetire and all

a 30 years old magazine is to be read with candlelight

cycling the city

the weather today


hamstering toiletpaper means the fourth wave is here

delivery from the backdoor

love is: to the market together

cycling the city

a secondhand bride at the fleamarket


at soup-o-clock

the weather today

streetfood to go

meanwhile in nijmegen

black saturday

not all benefits are oké

the weather today

make a ragout from mushrooms for tomorrow

if anyone is missing an ‘on the road’grannybicycle, stephan fernandez has it, stole it.

line six

we are not there yet (in: ways to not ware a mask)

the weather today

a glass

as the café is turning in to a photographerscafé, tuur bought a camera

only the birds (according our mayor)

w is for waiting, for watched

t is for terrace, for tree

witches park outside

it’s going to take a while

wappie was here

war monument at city hall

echoes in pictures

cycling the city

only the dog saw me

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