meet bas and roy, the friendly neighborhood cops, they stay friendly untill you are not

the man with the hammer

a classic outfit

do we call this a moustache or not?

a dogs life is without cellphone

the secretary of the ministry of funny walks

a walk in the park

it’s too cold to play in the water

trust in budha but have bars in the windows and a ferm lock on your bycicle

the weather today

going online

nothing beats a fit body, maybe a twelvepack?

hanky, coffeecup, same thing

the weather today

show who you are


holy mary, jesus and budha

going home

the hague, metroline 4

the hague central

no coffee

a place in the sun


between oss and den bosch

When The Bubble Bursts

nijmegen, broerstraat

street dogs

the opposite direction

walking with a dog

at the corner of have and have not

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