street musician with pole dancer

when your shopping is heavier than your child

cycling the city

the boss is in, nobody is out


reading a phone x 5

and they did it again, and again

the weather today

IPA hedge

cycling the city

the circle of life

the finish of the icecup regatta

all trade is in bananaboxes these days

everything can, coffee can, oil can, tea can

now pose like the statue!

reading a phone, outloud

amsterdam, wing kee

amsterdam, old sailor

amsterdam, zeedijk

amsterdam, nieuwmarkt

cycling the city

nijmegen, houthof

carrots, coke and leek

amsterdam, oudezijds voorburgwal

amsterdam, nieuwmarkt

reading a phone

plants will never fit in a bag


hydrant number 1


‘s hertogenbosch

metro station amsterdam VUMC

the weather today

nijmegen, lompenkramersgas

nijmegen, begijnenstraat

rolling girl

against the sun

the weather today

nijmegen, houtstraat

soon is not next week

cycling the city


while history goes on, the guard had a lunchbreak

hertoghof? no I don’t want your name in a rose tattoo

electric issues

a woman with a sewingmachine, waiting for a bus

all books by cees willemsen

cycling the city

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