oh, digital.. that can’t be good he said

the time of the year

outdoor smoking

mansconfusion, what is it and how did they use it?

the weather today

cycling the city

fresh water

cycling the city

mercedes, who else?

sint donut with lego


accident, waiting to happen

we need to talk

cycling the city


your bun is out the oven, I have bread

the old orphanage

mother and child, statue at the old orphanage

at the statue in the wall for nico grijpink, photographer and organisator

cheasy yellow

a running game, reach the bin within 10 seconds and win a clean city

the disposal of the body of a deceased banana, city councils give you a direction

cycling the city

when my hairdresser makes a selfie, I make three

mr hydrant 49

rotterdam metro

silver, so they say

a rolls at hotel new york

rotterdam, bollard 35

and everybody lost their key

‘post no bills’, pictures in an exhibition

teun van der keuken, exhibition in national photomuseum rotterdam

cruise terminal rotterdam

rotterdam, wilhelminapier

nijmegen, kitty de wijze plaats

the soup bike

drawing class

only the dog saw me

cycling the city

roxy’s corner

lunch time

a street photographer

b is for birds, for bicycle

the weather today (click)

the river



only the dog saw me

behind st steven

the weather today

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