foreign influences

one rule

a beer and a genever and the stories that comes with them

nijmegen, plein “44

liquid lottery, beer, lots of beer, shots, lots of shots or a bucket of water



spontaneous jam session

ready to take over the world

he has a plan the others don’t know yet

nijmegen, broerstraat

a new floor

school’s out

nijmegen, plein “44

and it’s not even wednesday


give them wheels and then you have to carry all

nijmegen station

the start of a new academic year

what to do with the first day of highschool? skip it and go shopping

nothing to wear

the same difference

“next time you keep right”

monday’s fleamarket

going nordic

girls, watching men go by

A Chinese Man Shoots A Photo Of Stuff Made In China

man and dog

nijmegen, shopwindow

the weather today


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