cycling the city



crows and gulls working together

biological grown veggies and fruits

at the juice bar

cycling the city

the weather today

shared load

fast fish delivery

sleeping man

pedestrian bridge anno 1886 architecture jan jacob weve

a rose on a fence

about fuel prices

the low path

the weather today

berg en dal is getting electricity

where witches dance one can have a bicycle repaired

r is for rolling, for reading a phone

the weather today

cycling the city

two gulls at the river

coffee is to go, they had warm wine

all what’s left behind is mud

chicken in the grill

in black and red letters..

olympic team holland



a birch and a bridge

cycling the city

a walk in the park

dreamcar: something terrible i.d. #bluemonday

lunchtime #bluemonday

cycling the city #blue monday

busstation panorama (click for big) #blue monday


french fries

with flowers

the weather today

cycling the city

reading a phone

clean for the weekend

cycling the city

p is for paver, for puzzle

about joris

I saw him saw

sjef and the water

in between jobs


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