line six


the musician of hameln

backdoor shop

memories to send

between coming soon and 24/7

cycling the city

it could take a while, the mecanic is calling for help

eating chicken at the chicken corner

the time zone is still one hour

I don’t want to be a member of a club that would accept me as a member ~chroucho marx~

a mom takes an autoped and a man sneezes in his elbow

the have’s and the have not’s about french fries

mom’s day off

luck is when your chain is so big that nobody steals your garbage

military surplus for sale

composition in bricks, concrete, glas and chalk containing a message to the world by dezi and sari

palimpsest with a fox

enforcement the law, you can’t come here with a car said the officer who came with a car

nijmegen, wezenlaan

no trains southwarts today

leek never fits a bag

cycling the city

the weather today

cycling the city

woman on vacation

flea market

B is for buttons, for bycicle


a cool kiss

so much beer, it almost did not fit in the bag

project silent sky by rob sweere

to brainfreeze or not to brainfreeze

left news

let it be


g is for groceries, for garbage

man and dog on vacation, looking both ways

when boyscouts meet water they turned to be kids

faster than his shadow, cycling the city

let’s see if santa exists

cycling the city

the busker on a break

ice cream


love is: sharing your baked fish

man on vacation

line eight

men talk

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