forget tinder, have a dog instead

with friday on his mind

the weather today

men in the sun

eric can’t sing but he tries

street dog

the weather today

everything but the kitchensink

song da, streetfood

street dog

sh*t, it’s downhill

nice, it’s downhill

the weather today

nijmegen, ottengas

nijmegen, harbor

bridges of nijmegen

a few lovelocks on a bridge

nijmegen, valkhof

nijmegen, kelfkensbos

and then they say they have closed the borders..

the weather today

this is a.. (solutions in the comments please)

it says open but it is closed

you had only one job

safety first, the scaffolding is wearing a helmet

play ball?

the weather today

Guiding Trees, in fog or heavy snow just follow the trees to stay on the road

a well balanced man always has two drinks

hans jacobs, writer

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