shapes in a biobox and two bycicles makes ovals

cycling the city

the weather today

the escalator stresstest

grand cru

dreamcar: something terrible “service départemental d’incendie”

line six

let trappists trap

love is: shopping together

some café’s have one

the weather today

a place to sit

the half-hour workweek looks like this

former butchershop

café het haantje

the pied piper is solving his cashflow problem

cycling the city

caged: the last honest builders

bench life

growing older makes you see new things, bycicles on battery power..

a kind of different

aqua de lux

a special tree

bio shop in a former garage

garage de lisboa

out! garbage, washing machine.. out!

the homeless guy went all-in

there will be a party, with champagne from HEMA

if it’s sunny in september, there will be lighting in december

the weather today

c is for coffeeshop, for cannabis

cycling the city

inspired by vincent

I’ve had a beer.. eh, a wine.. no, it is a beer

on wooden shoes

the weather today

every terras should have one, according our minister of health

reading is cool as icecream

love is: walking with sticks together

shopping window art: big fish

cycling the city

m is for market, for moustache

cycling the city

the news today

man on vacation

old sewer covers

veggie market

veggie cowboys

24 eggs

cycling the city

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