french fries

with flowers

the weather today

cycling the city

reading a phone

clean for the weekend

cycling the city

p is for paver, for puzzle

about joris

I saw him saw

sjef and the water

in between jobs


dedicated protest

c is for coffeepot, for crane

image to a book: ‘the shadow’ by havank

cycling the city

coffee time

kids love feeding birds

a picture of a bath is not a bath

cycling the city

the demolitioner

statue for queers and lesbians

sjef and the amaryllis

a message on a streetcorner

coffee to go, going in social distance

coffee and reading table

when christmas is over

go faster

dixi is no jazz

cycling the city

only the dog saw me

chaos is an order too

cycling the city

the weather this night

rob hoogveld passed away today

cycling the city

the expert is present

from a dog’s point of view

image to music: lena lovich, lucky number

the weather today

the fruit sellers

man tries to make an ice sculptur

at ingepark

things one can do on a sundaymorning

luxury paper

trainee mom

downhill is easy

only the dog saw me

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