I’ve made new friends

if narcissus had a selfie stick he wouldn’t have drowned

when they say: “she’s an open book” they mean a drawingbook

only the dog saw me

man on vacation

cycling the city

work in progress

they see me rollin, they hatin’

cycling the city

reading a phone

nów they wait for a green light..

only the smell

the water heights report

somebody hates birches


classic violin on an electric instrument

the weather today

the man in the street and his face

the cost of deliveries at home

line eight

when you are the monkey, the bird and the human..

starting to cycling the city

the foor-wheeled animal

his teacher bought him an icecream

the mailman, ‘there is no deliveries on monday’..

an accident, just waiting to happen

only the dog saw me

nothing to wear is displayed on the hangers

b is for bathing, for birds

m is for monday, for market

less flies, more bee’s

against energy

there is a demonstration but luckaly michel is there

flowers won’t fit in a bag

aangenaam alleppo for siryan coffee and baklava

only the dog saw me

when in a drumband, you are not allowed to smile anymore

a drumband

w is for witch, for wheels

the vacation photo’s

let’s be scottish today

bench life

the weather today

the park in the afternoon

the weather today

‘to go’ didn’t get that far

langehezel 46

the flfl girls with falafels

a streetrace

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