at the busstation

tête à tête

only the dog saw me

cycling the city

cycling the city

the weather today

r.e.a.d.i.n.g. a phone

there is treasures to be found at the fleamarket

after the weekend

sunday ritual: sjef eats ham

cycling the city

reading a phone


dreamcar: something terrible landcruiser

a doggie in a basket

beer, lot’s of beer

cycling the city

ylno = only

M is for music, for market

seaview and riverwoods


plants and herbs at the market

let’s race

the beercan is open

the man from albania

down the rabbit hole starts this weekend

soon open, sandwichshop jezus

cycling the city

where you want to be found

that way

murals in a closed street

print and color it yourself

chef, there are no washers on this falsely parked barrel, where shall I put the ticket?

seeing you

reading a phone

the dinner is: “bring your own table”

cycling the city

reading a phone

this is not america

lost and found pluche piggie

B is for busstop, for bycicle

man on vacation

k en k

the weather today

s is for solitair, for smoker

lost and found

without title

alfred’s birds

huggy bear

the move out

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