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cycling the city

travel dreams

let’s have a corona!

50 klicks and going

street dogs

there is music in the street

traveling with a garbagebin

the weather today

to scare the kids, here is a clown with baloons

let’s pretent walking 50 klicks the last four days



cycling the city

a time zone, the difference is one hour between platforms

a bottle, half full

the story about a mirror on the wall begins with buying a mirror



man on vacation

grey and the bag too

one can buy paddo’s, you can’t buy being smart


let’s send a card home

DJ ‘baco pirelli’ is cycling the city

the weather today

there is discussion about sizes

did I forget something?

bas, drawing birds

city hall

in six days this all will be ‘nothing to wear’

man on vacation guarding a dog, a dog is guarding a man on vacation

street dogs

traveling by phone

descent by rope

bent people

street dog

frituur de burcht

the weather today

feeding time

street dog

armed man on vacation

you are what you eat

but there is a picture of the party

the weather today

lots of flowers

the box and the umbrella

the bus to dreamnight

cycling the city

say it with flowers

man on vacation