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cycling the city

diede and her party’s

talking about classic beers with maarten at wunderkammer

cycling the city

how many polish man do you need to move one pallet?

no street

santa’s staff is cut in half



sjefke and water

afrikan woodcarving

a smoker on a corner

unrevealed art

commie bike with sidewagon

̶’p̶o̶w̶e̶r̶’- shoe box

man on vacation

a classic ‘canon-nikon’ discussion

market fashion

the unknown buyer

the making of

cycling the city

man on vacation

the weather today


where there are gulls there is fish

wooden heads and glasses, nijmegen shopwindow

cycling the city

the weather today

walking a dog

today, opening tomorrow

dreamcar: something terrible 911

the busstop


the weather today

wunderkammer, beerchart

beer today

autumn is when cranes go on a journey

it’s against the wind

about vintage and future

it was only one job

a walk in the park

seats for handicapped persons, line eight

the weather today

to pick up all the magazines

shaken, not stirred is as trown away and picked up

turn 180 for a döner

line eight

s is for smoke ‘m, for station

gambling man

street dog