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alfred’s birds

huggy bear

the move out

busker with stagiair


nijmegen, grote markt


it’s 2022, a new recordshop will open soon

man on vacation

the train to rotterdam

my love, waiting for me

the entrance is no entrance

trains passing eachother at utrecht central

it should be wireless

up and down lines

king hendrik died instantly

waiting for a bus

refreshed zebra

electric rentals

milkshakes contest

only the lonely

with duct-tape and good intentions

cycling the city

currant buns, for the weekend

bench life

with the church in the middle

no water today

the rear fender free’d itself

loud pipes anounce you’re there


the start of the saucecup regatta


dating and it’s issues

a new police headquarter

cycling the city

the new ice age is during lunchtime

sjors & sjimmie

bench life

social distancing

a rage

ride out

man on vacation

the weather today

reading a phone

only the dog saw me

letting the dogs out

cycling the city

line eight

koffie to go

she had lunch, he had music