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there will be work at home

cycling the city

friday afternoon

misprint and a new album

hey joe

lost and found

rain in september, christmas in december

lost and found

the weather today

cycling the city

the birdsnest

tea in the afternoon

traveling graffiti

the love for a gym, on a lovelock..

brickman graffiti

guarding the entrance of the city

an outboard engine makes the change of adress easy

eight cones, just to be sure

something has happened

the tower and the inferno

for your horse

lost in apps

nijmegen, begijnenstraat

the glazier

jump and throw

cycling the city

a small protest

the weather today, panorama so click for big

men on vacation

uphill is heavy

nelleke petra, artist

carpets don’t fly

scaffolding and a toilet, a builders dream


medicine students on medication..

a bagaged man

man on vacation


cycling the city


diederik grootjans, painter

cycling the city

going faster than a guardian angel can fly

the have’s and the have not’s, about umbrella’s

pim from citycleaners and bas the mailman

the weather today

straight from the studio, the flash umbrella

used, fleamarket

monday market