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rolling girl

against the sun

the weather today

nijmegen, houtstraat

soon is not next week

cycling the city


while history goes on, the guard had a lunchbreak

hertoghof? no I don’t want your name in a rose tattoo

electric issues

a woman with a sewingmachine, waiting for a bus

all books by cees willemsen

cycling the city

the bridges of nijmegen


city at the river

ooypoort, gateway to nature

dreamcars: something terrible landcruiser or suburban

new goods are coming in

concept: summer

reading a book

oh, lord would you buy me a mercedes benz

buildings, the spider web

two cello’s


a city house in the sun

big boys meccano

statue for a backalley


man on vacation

ipa hedge

signs of the times

cycling the city

love is: crossing the street together

listen, she said and shared a tune

I found nemo

cycling the city

church stairs

strange food, let’s make evidence

man on vacation

only the dog saw me

herbs at the veggie market

meet and greet with hans jacobs, writer

she needs a dress

nijmegen city hall

flea market

a bakery, a toilet and a massage

with hat and flowers

the weather today

a man with a nikon