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a man on a mission

nijmegen, flea market

metin and what the smokers left

this is not italy



protected tree

a phone, a jonko and a ball is all what a young man needs

draconic measures at hendriks hole

it’s still a zebra crossing

the new crossing and missed opportunities


nijmegen, houtstraat

the pump is working

the weather today

dreamcar: something terrible continental mark 4

selfportrait with mask


at the backside of the city

the weather today

cabrioni electricité

waiting for an archer

guided tour with mansplaning

walk me along the water

there will be a fair next week

missisippi or bust

at the river

nijmegen, nonnenstraat

splish splas I was taking a bath all about a staturday night

the musician and the bastard

cycling the city

wall drawings and evolution

medieval pump, modern plumbers

park life

overthere is my seat

café de kroeg

at the river

reading a phone

nijmegen, broerstraat

bench life

nijmegen, marikenstraat

the weather today

the tubes predict: there will be a fair soon

cycling the city

waiting for a bus

some information would be handy

they have found us

the concert that got cancelled

where painters used to have ladders

raymond the pigeon man