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a new dress

frida in the wind


it’s coming back, they say. it’s not over, they say


sjef with ham

the guy who has robbed his granny from hat and shoes

remembering operation market garden

veggies and herbs

guided tour

french lunch

say it in flowers

the weather today

but, what came first?

going home for the weekend

nijmegen, voerweg

nijmegen, hertogstraat

the weather today

last icecream of summer

bionic arm and laser eyes



mansplaining about the invention of the wheel

canned meat

king of spades mural

team fries

the weather today

cat at work, this ginger owns a café

herzogstrasse nimwegen

chicken cancan (free to helmut newton)

coffee at the laundrynet

a man and his umbrella and than he has a wife

bring on the night

yo bag! where do you take that little girl?

the departure of gerard van groningen

nothing alive on the stairs

cycling the city

the weather today

the cookymonster on a yamaha

leaning on a broomstick

paul, working

cycling the city

the tired cyclist


flowers on a lamp post


city hall, carriage entrance

public works

two girls at the city hall, one with a child in stone, the other alive on a phone

a resting cyclist