© disclaimer

Op alle foto’s op deze site rust mijn copyright. gebruik is slechts toegestaan na schriftelijke toestemming.

Indien je belangstelling hebt voor een of meerdere foto’s mail me op han@mijnnaamwasalweg.nl

Steel mijn werk niet, ik kom er altijd achter. Ik heb immers ook een computer.

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT – Applies to all uploaded Content:
All photographs are ©Han Dekker unless otherwise stated and may not be copied, transmitted or used in any way whatsoever without the express, prior, written permission of the copyright owner, myself. Usage permission will be granted at NUJ repro rates or higher, however fees may be waived for appropriate non-profit use. Please contact me to enquire. Images licensed for reproduction must be credited, not edited or manipulated by the client in any way, nor shared with any 3rd party in a way not covered under the contract or stored for any longer than necessary for agreed use. Any publication that I license an image to must send a copy of the final publication for archives. I must agree to the image caption and context before sale is considered. However, if you would like to use any of my editorial, or other images, please contact me and we can have a conversation about usage, rates and image choice. Plus, if you are looking for an image from an event I attended but don’t see it on here, please contact me and I can search my archive, as only selections are uploaded.


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