monday market

flea market

lowest price now 3 euro!

street meet

absperr warnband mit pylone


a bunch of flowers walks into a restaurant..

the case of the complaining kiwi

street meet: jan

cutting corners, this one cuts your tyres

dreamcar: something terrible aixam 45km diesel

walk and roll

end of the ride


cycling the city

b is for barbershop, for brothers

wedding gifts are always cash

f is for friday, for fish

street dog

directions to remember

line six

a drawing in a busstop

walking with a dog

the weather today

funfact: when he changes instrument the music goes on

not in france

the container of the day: blue

vietnamese street trade

cycling the city

honey, i’ve that reptile in a coffeecup

a couple of bikes, helmets, coats..

walking with the dog

do not drink and drive

cycling the city

who’s calling?

man on vacation

waiting for the disposal of a halfeaten sandwich

this is where they live according inside intel

almost lunchtime

I’m at the office my dear


an acquaintance

the weather today

cycling the city

cycling the city

hanging out in line eight

a driving fateuille

man on vacation

the weather today

only the dog saw me

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