miss waterbottle


tante tapas

bar american


I have a beer with the man who taught me how to photograph when I was 14, meet Jac F.M. Trum

a new band in town, william nijland and the fieldwork foundation


my cat is famous, her name is next to the other famous nomen nescio.

as it goes, two guys, a bar, two girls..

when a clown takes your hand in stead of your girl..

they are here again

it’s from japan and I like to know what it says


the party of the year has started


the weather today

the weather today

friday, after the prayers

a girl on wheels

dreamcars: something terrible corvette stingray

a man protecting a dog


expecting a lot of guests

friday the 13th started conform expectations

reading is for awesome people

a message

dating a cow makes you expecting milk..

the weather today


dreamcars: something terrible corvette stingray

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