you will start and end the labyrinth with your back turned to the church

in high water she will swim

somebody left a door unlocked

the watermen

mom’s birthday

the weather today

ten past one

about Marijke and her bicycle


a brewery to come

more friends

I’ve made a new friend today

c is for classics, for case

meet and greet with:

cycling the city

button by button, letter by letter a poem gets form

as big as mother’s love

nijmegen, gruitberg

tongue out


cycling the city

heavy day at the office

nijmegen, plein “44

when girls go shopping

only the dog saw me

t is for tree, for torture

the pharmacie is cycling the city

the weather today

the mailman is in

cycling the city

it’s the time, it’s the season

when everything goes bananas

cycling the city

m is for monday, for mustafa

the weather today

the pigeon whisperer

preparing fish

thermo meter

like any sundaymorning



the weather today

brotherhood and dry goods

love is: walking the street arm in arm

if you like this furniture so much, we can have a look every day

cycling the city

erwin the bookwurm

like a kid and a candystore

however you move

the cheese store

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