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no taxi

it’s getting colder, people buy cardboard boxes

the weather today

street dog

one whole case of beer

street dog

not cycling, not walking

into the future

man and dog in a bus station

the daily shrinking building

the weather today


once a cannonier has used too little powder, the bullit is stuck in the wall

yes we bought the same hat, where is that coffeeshop?


some guy had to draw his favorite uncle, the one with the big ears



sending and receiving in line eight

line eight

walk with me he said, yes, she replied and kept the bicycle between them for you never know

dreamcar: something terrible octavia

street dog

the art of reading, the reader is absent

street dog

hanky panky must be in town

leprechaun, nice people.. until they steal.. see him running with a stolen balletsuite

cycling the city

the weather, later today

love is: shopping together