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let’s celebrate friday

empty barrels

b is for begging, for birds

cycling the city

o.k. he’s wearing a mask

m is for measures, for mask

let’s talk over coffee

nobody there

achteraf kijk je een paard in de kont


harley davidson

a mirror image

at the monestry wall and garden

love is: going home together

man on vacation

friday on their mind

the day camelia came

cycling the city

help is always on their way

the weather today

new builds

in an old neighborehood

a sunflower

at the river

head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure

traveling by bus you need to wear a mask

if one can wait for a red light, one can obey coronarules (it’s for your health)

cycling the city

nijmegen, broerstraat

only the dog saw me