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your livingroom away from your livingroom, the fuzz

out of my way! you pedestrian

if only just for the initials..

he, with her and his haircut

street dog

line eight

the weather today

pedestrian zone.. hard to miss

girls talk, about longboards and things

it must be an protected animal

nijmegen, keizer karel plein

b is for busker, for break

a kiss fan

shopping and icecreams

the date, man on a mission

walking high

street dog

the weather today

dreamcar: something terrible multipla

almost hidden

when two hen-party’s collide

joep’s friends arrive

mixed singles in tennis

the weather today

portrait of joseph beuys by andy warhol and a covered grand piano

the weather today


cover up

“knoop het maar in je oor” (dutch proverb)

for dust is what you are, dust is what you eat