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help is always on their way

the weather today

new builds

in an old neighborehood

graffiti on a signpost


google maps will help

a romanian busker at cityhall

butchers and bycicles


cycling the city

street portrait: caroline smit

social distance

within the limits the possibilities are just as unlimited as outside the limits

the schedule for the next corona outbreaks

street portrait: will with beer and booze


social distance was never so visible

inhaling in times of corona..

uber eats

the weather today

reluctant man, dog too, but his wife said him to walk the dog.

everybody has a monday morning

the fleamarket is with a picture from the other side of the market

the weather today

let’s say it didn’t fit

v.i.p. for a moment

a sunflower

at the river

head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure

the arrest

everything is unsafe without rubber

cycling the city


cycling the city

the weather today

corona rules, measures and stronger measures

not even the dog saw me

parking the food truck

street portrait, irene at the café

when raced to the café it’s a café racer

dreamcar: something terrible defender

the weather today

cycling the city

b is for bas, for birds

benchlife in social distance

p is for pigeon, for poop

horizontal and vertical

where the path has a bend

the weather today