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when the party is over

hanging lights in trees, in oktober

sand, no tiles anymore

places not to park your car

at the bus station

nijmegen, mariënburg

moving room, the students are coming in

advise to drink

working class and other class

let’s go for lunch

seriously lost

let’s call it a shave

electric car and bicycle

let’s see, wich one of my male slaves will pick me up?

O is for one wheel, for overtaking pedestrians

diego, playing his guitar

the weather today and a girl with a supersoaker

outside and inside the same citywall


the bridge today

a caddy from graceland

when you park it in the shade in the morning

even the bag painted on the bin won’t fit

take me to the river

180 at the river

mobile throne

dressed for summer


nijmegen, burchtstraat

the weather today