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nijmegen, ziekerstraat

the weather today

street music

street dog

the weather today

dreamcar: something terrible convertable

our food leftovers go to germany

line eight

a gentleman on a bicycle

millennial transportation

the weather today

according to skoda: everything fits

bicycle-domino’s, not everyone is happy

a shady place on a sunny afternoon



brightening the walls

the unnoted man

team grolsch

men, waiting for a bus

the stack is the same height as he is

at the café

yvonne and daan




me, myself(y) and irene

a flat tyre

the weather today

bicycle dog

the move

cycling the city

summer in the city

the weather today

men, shopping

and no chainsaw in sight

veggie market

more street music

street music and the big family on their bike

it’s not a bicycle but who cares

up and down

when package and dress have the same design and color

for the weekend

a fiddler

a new ice-age

the weather today

leek never fits in a bag

almost gone

line eight