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in co-operation with foto verweij (the friendly equipmentstore) a new x-pro1 ©photo: foto verweij

he will find his sunglasses, later



you had only one job..

nijmegen, fleamarket

diederik was here (kranenburg, germany)

diederik grootjans, artist at work

cooking with refugees

the smallest cinema

let there be music

my guess is that fuji’s are not to be carried around every day, all day, by the strap (the rest of the camera still works fine)

I hope she has a vase

later in the afternoon

croquette and coke

final sale

home baked

kfc? no, never heard of

the glass is always half full

the corner at somewhere? no problem

the tools of the trade

hiding in plain sight

realize what you have and put it on a ferm lock

red, lots of red

nijmegen, the quack monument

now I’ve done it, the policeman try to hide when I aproach..

nothing lasts forever

have a break, have a sigar

theo. photographer, notice that his glass is more than half full, while the bottle is empty

feeding the birds

tripel zone

renze boeren takes a photo

the weather today

knock knock

the weather today

don’t poke the bull

line eight

stop! sigaret pause

an accident, waiting to happen

nijmegen, mariënburgsestraat

helping dog


the weather today

take a break and check the apps

old wood, old metal and a puncture


harmless tiger

creativity or a secret code?

mona’s diner

seasick steve