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bad parts, good parts

the weather today

advise from sjef: stay home and have a drink or two

a sunflower


@ ingepark

the weather today

a picture to a book, “max, mischa and the tet-offensive” by: johan harstad

sjef has cought a bird

inge at ingepark


hiding for beginners

home, kitchen, coffee and tea

the recepy for spanish potatoes

home, kitchen and sjef drinks his water fresh

to maintain ingepark with sjef’s help

current situation (in mixed media)

they set us up the cable, all your data belongs to us, we got signal

morning paper

a new one every day, one day lilly



at ingepark

courgette flower

a ghost in the grape

cat and mouse

anatomic lessons for cats, the deconstruction of a great tit


sjef, playing

sjef, male model