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when the beer is gone

high water (click for big)

cycling the city

things one can build during lockdown, “vintage chique”


b is for bas, for birds


@ ingepark

the weather today

nobody walks the line

a picture to a book, “max, mischa and the tet-offensive” by: johan harstad

distephano, a one man band

a new one every day, one day lilly



at ingepark

courgette flower

a ghost in the grape

when owners go to their dogs (and not the other way round)

irma and her friend


graffiti art

punk art

a tiny forest

under the bridge



mannetje in grijs autootje

this will save you a trip outdoors, stay save, stay indoors, good weekend ya all.

the weather today

colors of ingepark

more sjef


at ingepark


p.i.p (picture in picture)

have a nice weekend you all

diederik by me, me by diederik

that way, they all go that way

flaming red

red on red

mellow yellow

rene remembers kirk douglas, it was the other hand rene..

the color of your heart

happy new year you all

cycling the city

it’s not a photo of his girlfriend

students dreams

when you are afraid for getting lost, film your way with your phone

school’s out