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marriage in soap

bae watch

laundry days

the weather today

city at the river

the students introduction has begun

sustainable housing with a private parking

najib with zarah

najib with zarah

row row row your boat, gently down the street..

mees, trying to impress..

street dogs and a man driven crazy by his wife

waiting for the right train


the football season has started

zeezicht, marikenstraat, nijmegen

the weather today

mom’s cabriolet

the weather today

follow that cat!

a leprechaun near the irish pub

remembering indië on the 15th of august

nijmegen, marikenstraat

a rabbit goes on holidays

the weather today

the color of life and a bucket with love

one wheel

every monday is flea market

same same but different

one guy knows who shagged the bride last night