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at the river

bridge and river panorama (click)

nijmegen, mariaplein (click tha pic)

nobody there (click)

coronawalk panorama

cycling the city (click da pic)

about freedom (click tha pic)

benchlife panorama (klick)

the weather today

raking hay

frasselt, germany (click)

panorama (click twice)

geese (click twice)

city at the river

the weather today

view from a rooftop (click 2 times)

berlin keeps on changing

180 at the river

nijmegen, mariënburg

polderpanorama 2

polderpanorama 1

latin school, panorama

nijmegen, great or st stephens church

lets have a wide look..

city panorama

kladderadatsch new year party

waiting for a bus.. (click tha pic for big)

north by northwest (click tha pic for big)

view from a rooftop in berlin (click tha pic)

the weather today