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janet sings

smoking shisha

street dog

she brings flowers

najib, portrait photographer

the weather today

when one is getting married soon

more than once in a blue moon a guy needs to renew his liquor stash

it’s summer when the students are moving out

lessons in streetphotography, the ‘ed van der elsken’ methode

the weather today

groceries, the dutch way

the babysitter at work

red light? it’s man only tough?

street portrait: rené bought a harley

the school, their students, the garbage and the cleaners



the weather today

sup & surf

to dive from it you have to climb it

the bridge to nijmegen north

graffiti makes a hous an angry house

lady’s, taking a bath in the river

main II

ooijpolder, near nijmegen

the generation gap

wanna play domino’s?

the weather today